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America's Versatile Gun Dog, the Pointing Labrador

We are NOT A KENNEL.  Just a dog enthusiast and avid hunter that has been blessed with owning some uniquely talented gun dogs.


This site was originally developed to post information on stud services for 3XGMPR HRCH Lakotas Hurricane "Cruz". It has also transitioned into a tribute to my other four legged hunting companion Yeager, and Cruz's sire Cody who started this whole dog training obsession for me. 


I was fortunate to be introduced to bird hunting about 16 years ago and became hooked.  At the time my children were small and over the years I vowed that as our family progressed out of toddler stages that I would have a quality gun dog as a hunting parter.  I had hunted waterfowl and upland with a few individuals that had Labrador Retrievers out of "Pointing Lab" blood lines.  I was not so sure about the whole "point" thing with a Lab but I did recognize that these were certainly Labs bred for the field and the best overall gun dogs I had hunted with.

In 2003 I purchased a brown Lab puppy, Cody (see "Cody" page).  I knew very little at the time about what to look for and trusted the stud owner's evaluation.  I truly lucked out.  Cody was the "once in a lifetime" dog.  High drive, proud, smart, (a little dominant), and simply had an amazing bird sense.  I frankly did not care whether he pointed or not and would have been more than happy with a nice flushing retriever.  However, the first time we put him on upland birds as a pup he locked up with a trademark staunch tripod, I was hooked. 

Cody's talent dragged me into the hunt test game at first with the American Pointing Labrador Association (APLA).  I have and continue to meet some fantastic people in that organization.  I became active in judging APLA hunt tests as a Master certified judge in 2006 and have served on the APLA Board of Directors since 2009.

In 2008 I made the decision to keep a pup out of a Cody breeding.  Fate stepped in and my intended breeding did not happen.  Coincidentally, that day I had the pleasure of judging Shug in CP at an APLA test and she was the star of the day.  Her owners agreed to the pairing with Cody, and that next fall Cruz came into our lives. 

We often hear about the improbability of lighting striking twice.  I will also say that I claim to be no expert on dog breeding.  So, in a sense, again, I lucked out.  Cruz turned out to have all the talent, drive, and smarts of his daddy and is actually more in tuned to me as a handler (another brown dog).  I always wondered what could have been achieved with Cody if I had known more about what I was doing, and started advanced training earlier based on what the dog would absorb.  I did so with Cruz, his response has been phenominal, and here we are. 

I hope you enjoy the site.