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There are dogs out there that show talent in the field and test.  Some are downright impressive at times.  Then there are those few dogs that just consistently demonstrate a level of talent that we rarely see. 

Cruz has a truely unique mixture of high-octane Intensity, Talent, and Drive in a level of balance well beyond his age. 

He has demonstrated this focus, talent, and trainability in the hunt test environment where he has achieved the levels of Hunting Retriever Champion and 3X Grand Master Pointing Retriever by 24 months of age.  Cruz has achieved these titles with an 89% test pass rate and has never had a controlled or uncontrolled break in a test. Cruz completed his 4XGMPR at 30 months of age making him the first and only brown 4X and the youngest 4XGMPR in APLA history.  He completed his AKC MH title in the summer of 2011.  Cruz is the first and only dog to earn the combination of 4XGMPR, HRCH, and MH at 2 years of age.

It is easy to focus primarily on hunt test accomplishments but a large aspect of Cruz's unique talent is shown in the upland.  In only his second hunting season, Cruz easily adapts between ranging short in heavy cover and running big in prarie grass.  His staunch tripod point (stemming from 5 generations of GMPR breeding,) and a phenominal "bird sense" allows him to work wild running pheasants in the upland field with the style and range of traditional pointing breeds.  He is "over the hill broke" and has solidly pointed, and held steady, upwards of 20 wild pheasants in a day, working at ranges between 5 yards and 200 yards. 

Cruz is a rocket in the upland field, generally completing hunt tests at tournament hunting speed and ran his APR test steady to wing and shot at 11 months old.

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