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Upcoming Cruz Litters

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 Current and Upcoming Litters:  
Kilbuck Creek Molly NE Ohio 7 pups whelped 7/18/13.  Yellow and Black  Repeat Breeding
4XGMPR Owen's Black Pearl"Pearl" Tulsa, OK10 Pups whelped 8/11/13  Repeat Breeding.  Black with some Yellow


CP BPK's Piece of the Rock "RoxiePeoria IL

 Litter of 8 whelped 3/5/13  Chocolate and Yellow Available  at 4/23

 Past Litters: 
 Cypress Creek Jada Kentucky Litter of 9 whelped 12/16
 Kilbuck Creek Molly (Video Link included) NE Ohio Litter of 4 (black and yellow) whelped Dec '12
 GMPR Sam's Creek Favored One SH "Rachel" Hull, IA  LItter of 8 whelped.  
 4XGMPR Owen's Black Pearl"Pearl"  Tulsa, OK Litter of 8 whelped. 
  Nenana of Marble Mountain "Nena"  N. California Whelped 12/22? via Chilled Insemination 7 puppies 
 GMPR HR Tornado Allie of Black Forrest "Allie"  Topeka, KSLItter of 6 whelped 11/18
 MPR HR Tig's Perfect Storm of HRK "Breeze" New Boston, MI Litter of 9 whelped 6/21/2011 
 BPK's Double Down on Dixie "Belle" Peoria, IL Litter of 11 whelped July, 2011 
 GMPR Sam's Creek Favored One SH "Rachel" Hull, IA Litter of 12 whelped 1/19/2011
 CPR Ponderosa Point's Molly of Bearpoint "Molly"  Bruce, SD Litter of 8 whelped 4/1/2011 

 Disclaimer (there is always a disclaimer )  Expected litters are planned and posted with the agreement of the bitch owner.  They are subject to changes beyond my control.  Cruz may have additional planned litters in which the bitch owner does not want to post until an expected breeding date is identified.

Regarding selection of pairings with Cruz.  You may note some repeat of talents and attributes for the bitches listed below. It is intentional in my breeding selection process with Cruz to limit his breedings to bitches that have these common strengths in field-proven talent, intelligence, and trainability so that we are advancing the breed and producing phenominal versatile gun dogs for the field, test and trial. 

I will not permit my dogs to be bred solely for color or indiscriminantly bred for stud fees.  Selected breedings are chosen based on my personal experience with the bitch working or first-hand evaluations from trusted third parties. 



 Will produce an all-brown litter.

Roxie has Excellent hips and is CERF clear

 Contact Dave Elbert, Blackpartridge Kennels 
Peoria IL  (309) 678-0213

 Roxie is a medium sized chocolate female owned by Dave Elbert in Peoria.  Her sire is APR Sammy.  His top pedigree is all FC (Gator Point, Howdy, Smoke on the Water...).  Roxie's dam was HPK's Perkins Ellie Mae whose pedigree goes back to Raider and Corkey/Brock.

Roxy is 2 years old and earned her CP last fall in Michigan.

I have friends that have hunted wild birds Roxie and let me know she is a very nice young bird dog.  She has a very strong point, nice blocky head, and somewhat larger body build than Cruz.  There is some size in Roxie's pedigree and this litter has the potential of producing larger pups than most Cruz litters.

This will be an all chocolate litter, has multiple generations of strong point and some nice in-home temperment.

 Contact Dave on more info and pedigree.


Nenana of Marble Mountain X 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH

Contact:  Pete Morrill, Marble Mountain Kennels
(530) 598-0943

Nena is CERF Clear, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, and EIC Clear

Nena is from Marble Mountain in Norther California.  I have not had a chance to see her and Washington is the closest APLA tests.  Nena is not titled.  There are pics of her pointing on the Marble Mountain site and references to an article written regarding her point. 

She is a on the larger side at 68lb's and is out of Barracuda Blue lines on her bottom side.  Per Pete she also has a very sweet disposition and would be a great house dog.

Breeding was done via chilled semen.  NENA WHELPED 7 PUPPIES ON 12/22.  

MPR BPK's Awesome Annibel "Annie" SH x 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH


 Breeding occured 4/22/13.  Pups expected late June and should throw 1/2 black, half yellow.

Health clearances on Annie will be posted soon.


 Dave Elbert, Blackpartridge Kennels 
Peoria IL  (309) 678-0213


 Annie is 9 and this will be her last litter.

I had the ability to train around Annie when Jason Wallace was running her at about a year to 18 months old.  She earned her SH at just over a year old, had 2 MH passes at around 18 months old, and her APLA Master Pointing Retreiver title, before Dave moved her away from the hunt test arena and started running Bird Dog Challenge (tournament upland hunts) with her.

 Annie went on to become the NBDCA Pointing National Champion, a World Finals qualifier, and had several very successful years in upland tournament hunting pointing divisions. 

Annie certainly has the talent to play the retriever games but her real desire and obvious rare talent is in the upland arena.  Combining Annie and Cruz should definitly produce some very special upland talent and a level of innate point not often seen in the PL world.

Annie is fairly large in build with her pedigree having a good deal of larger dogs.  Cruz is smaller in stature so the intent is to even out to more medium size offspring.  Both Annie and Cruz have nice running frames and very fluid gait.  Annie has a very sensitive personality - when I was around her at 18 mo's old she would come off a retriever series and want to "make the rounds" of anyone nearby to get and give some love.

Dave progesteroned her and we did one natural tie on 4/22. 

BPK's Double Down Dixie "Belle"  X 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH

Contact Dave Elbert at Blackpartridge Kennels:

All-chocolate breeding
Belle is CERF clear, Hips Excellent and Elbows clear/normal.

I have not seen Belle work but am familiar with her sire and dam.  Dam (Maggie) is a very nice pointing dog with a sweet disposition and out of GMPR MH Smoke (brings Twist, Rascal, Kate back into pedigree w/Cruz's) and Sire is GMPR HRCH Cams Prince Charming Duke who is a phenominal brown dog and one of my favorite dogs to watch run or hunt behind.

Cruz and Belle are very similar build in relative (male/female) size and body conformation.  She has a wonderful disposition.  Both dogs are very people oriented.

Belle whelped 11 pups (single natural tie).  

GMPR Sam's Creek Favored One SH "Rachel" X 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH



Last litter produced 10 pups whelped 1/19/2011.  5 black, 4 chocolate, 1 yellow

Rachel is 60lb. black/tri-factored.  Litter will produce Blacks, Chocolates and Yellows
Hips "Good", EIC Clear

CLICK HERE for Rachel's Pedigree


Bruce Marra  Hull, IA
(712) 439-1120 (Home)  (712) 441-3501 (cell)


This is a repeat breeding of Cruz's first litter sired last fall.  We are announcing this early and a few pups have already been spoken for.  Feedback has been fantastic from the first litter.  Bruce Marra intended to kep a few and he has been very happy with the results.  I have personally heard wonderfull feedback from several pup owners.  Pups are pointing, retrieveing and wonderful home companions.   

Rachel is a very talented girl in the upland as well as retriever venues.  Since the breeding last fall Bruce has ran her in AKC and she has earned her SH title.  Rachel is also a full sibling to 4XGMPR HRCH MH QAA Rooster who I have watched grow into a phenominal and special dog.  The attributes I see in her are the same I valued in her full brother Rooster. 

Rachel and Cruz have very strong natural pointing traits combined with great marking skills.   Rachel has one of the most significant "off-switches" I have seen, particularly for a dog that is high-drive in the field.  That is a great match with Cruz in producing a litter of "field rockets" that are also content, affectionate, in-home dogs. 

Rachels team-work attitude and ease of training are demonstrated by the fact that she was amateure handled and primarily amateure trained to her GMPR (now also SH) by Bruce Marra as his first training experience.  Combine this with the fact that Bruce Does Not Use an e-collar with Rachel and this is pretty impressive.  Bruce will be running her this fall to add some number titles to that GMPR.

These pups pedigrees will demonstrate loads of GMPR, MH, FC/AFC and some of the most profound, proven producers in the PL lines. 

Strong natural point, high prey drive, excellent natural marking ability, ease of training with teamwork, desire.  This will be a great repeat litter for someone particularly looking for dogs with great in-home personalities and the ability to play whatever test or trial game you choose.  

 Contact Bruce Marra (above) on this breeding for more information.  This litter may well be sold out before it is advertised outside this site.


GMPR HR Tornado Allie of Black Forrest "Allie" X 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH


 Pups due mid-February 2011
Allie is 60lb. Chocolate.  Litter should produce all-chocolate.
Hips Fair, EIC Clear (Hip and Eye guarantee provided by breeder)
CLICK HERE for Allie's Pedigree


 Jay Van Leeuwen  Topeka, KS
Web Site:
Email  Cell  (901) 240-0964  Home  (785) 783-4304


I was excited when Jay called me about the possibility of breeding Allie to Cruz.  There just aren't that many really good, proven Chocolate bitches around and pairing Allie with Cruz is a great opportunity to produce some phenominal pups that just also happen to be Chocolate.

I ran APLA master tests with Jay and Allie when she got her titles several years ago.  This was Jay's first dog as an amateure trainer and she really showed talent.  I was running Cody (Cruz's dad) at the time and he was my first dog as an amateure trainer.  On the day that Cody got his 2X and Allie got her MPR, they were the only two dogs to make it through the retriever series and get to upland. That was a very challenging and technical retriever series and our two brown dogs SMOKED it. The rest of the field of dogs were pro-handled and included MH and number titled GMPR's.

Allie has a great training attitude, loads of "go" in the field, and a very sweet disposition.  She has been Jay's primary hunting companion and the VanLeeuwen "family dog".   Point, great disposition, smart, proven test and field hunting companion, Allie is everything I looked for in a breeding with Cruz.  This will be one of the best Chocolate to Chocolate breedings we have seen, and due to age, likely Allie's last.

Pup's pedigree is loaded with foundation producers and essentially a line-breeding on AFC Rascal and GMPR MH Cajun.

We expected a winter breeding but, unfortunately that did not turn out.  We tried again in September and were successful in tracking her cycle and had multiple natural ties.  Allie had 6 puppies.

 As of 12/28 there is one yellow available.

MPR HR Tig's Perfect Storm of HRK "Breeze" x 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH

 Status/General Breeding is expected in the winter/spring of 2011.
Breeze is 55lb. Black, tri-factored.  Should produce Black, Chocolate, and Yellow.
Hips "Good", EIC Clear, CNM Clear

 Carts Island Kennels
Jon & Holly Cart  New Boston, MI
Email:  Phone:  (734) 716-0066
Click Here for (external) link to Carts Island litter info

CLICK HERE to view Breeze's Pedigree


 I have had the pleasure of watching Breeze grow up and she is one talented little dog.  There are few dogs I see that have the raw field drive and impressive working speed that Cruz has and Breeze is definitly a match for that. 

 I judged Breeze in CP, ran HRC with her and Jon last summer, and watched her pass her MPR in Michigan as I was running Cruz for his 2X.   Watching her in tests this summer I was really impressed by her intensity and cognitive skills when running advanced work.  She was working at 100MPH with her brain fully engaged the whole way.  She is one HOT little dog and is capable of running any test/trial that Jon decides to do with her. 

 Breeze's sire is 1.5 GMPR HRCH Tig of HRK, a dog known for thowing some spectacular point and Breeze definitly shows this.  Her bottom side pedigree is similar to Cruz creating a line breeding on AFC Rascal, AFC Twist, and GMPR MH Cajun.  Both Cruz and Breeze show the work ethic, intensity, intellingence, trainability and drive of their field trial pedigree with the best of PL breeding for a staunch, stylish upland point.

For those serious about playing the dog games (test, trial, retrieving or upland), this litter is a great opportunity.

Call Jon Cart of visit Cart's web site above for more information.

CPR Ponderosa Point's Molly of Bearpoint X 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH


Molly is 50lb. Chocolate and will produce a chocolate litter
Hips "Excellent", EIC Clear

 Contact Goldenoak Kennels  Brad Lhotak  Bruce, SD
Email  Phone (605) 690-8845

2 natural ties, litter of 8 whelped 4/2.  SOLD OUT  

Brad is a kennel owner, successfull pro trainer, and hunting guide in South Dakota.

 Brad brought Molly out to the fall 2010 Kansas test to show her to me.  She is a sweet little dog with a nice build that turns on the juice when it is time to work.  She is hunted extensively as a guide dog and per Brad is becoming a favorite of clients with her bird-drive and staunch point.  He reports that she has the talent in the test arena also to be taken to higher levels and she is definitly with the right guy to do that.

Molly has a very strong point and hunt instinct and is a very good marking dog.  Her temperment is very even - a "people" dog - and is very attentive.  This should produce some retrievers with very special upland talent (point), great temperment for in-home dogs, and the ability to be very successfull at the hunt test games if you want.

Call Brad or visit the Goldenoak Kennels web site for more information.

4XGMPR Owen's Black Pearl X 4XGMPR HRCH Cruz MH



 Black with possible yellow pups
Hips Excellent, CERF Clear, Elbows Normal, CNM Clear

Pearl is an EIC carrier, Cruz is clear so there is no possibilty of effected pups.  There is no physical issue with a carrier.  Carriers, if bred, simply need to be paired to clear dogs so they do not produce effected offspring.  The litter will be EIC tested for the benefit of those looking specifically for breeding dogs out of this litter.



 Edgar Owen , Tulsa OK
(918) 671-6968


I met Ed and Pearl in the spring of 2011 at the MO APLA test where I was running Cruz for his 4X and Mike Letteau was running Pearl for her GMPR.  I had the pleasure of watching her run upland on Saturday then judging her in upland (a much beter look) on Sunday and I defnitely liked what I saw.  She is quite the little rocket, very fluid gait, and matches up well with Cruz for those people who are looking for an effectionate (in home) dog that rips it up in the field.  Pearl has since gone on to become one of less than 30 dogs and the first female for some time, to earn the 4XGMPR title - showing she can combine the advanced retriever qualities with her upland moxie.

Pearl is out of GMPR Sixx and GMPR Wannamaker's Hot Tubb.  Pups Parents and all 4 grand parents will be GMPR's.  This pedigree is loaded. The best of the pointing labs with strong FC/AFC foundation to bring in the retriever work ethic, smarts, and trainability.  Pearl is currently one pass away from her SH title.

Pearl is a medium/small sized female at around 52 lb.  She has a beautiful athletic build with an easy running gait.   

This will be a litter of two very talented hunting dogs that are also highly hunt test titled AND are both full time in-house dogs.  Ed's friends and family have spoken for several of them already having hunted with Pearl so there will be limited availability for outside sales - call soon if you are interested. 

Update - this is now the repeat breeding.  The first litter turned out as well as expected and Ed has a number of references on these pups.  He is keeping a little girl out of this litter.


Kilbuck Creek Molly X 4xGMPR HRCH MH Cruz

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 General Molly is:  EIC clear, Elbows normal, Hips fair, and CERF clear

 Steve Mazak at

(330) 635-2303



Molly is a very good looking black female of average size and sleek athletic build.  She just turned 2 this winter and Steve is hoping to run her in the spring Michigan test for her CP.  Molly has shown her owners what a truely outstanding home companion and hunting partner can be.  Strong point and demonstrated skills in the duck blind and field.  Molly is extensively hunted both locally and in trips out west.  She is the entire package for a home companion and versatile hunting dog on pheasants and waterfowl. 

She is out of 1.5 GMPR Cuiver Rivers Playin for Keeps HRCH SH who I have judged in MPR and is a little rocket.

 Again, Molly is just that awesome home and gun dog that everyone hopes to have and should be a good combination with Cruz to produce some very athletic, focused gun dog companions.  Contact Steve for pics, info, and hunting stories on Molly.  See also the vidoe of Molly's point and upland run above.

Update, this is the repeat second breeding between Cruz and Molly.  Steve has some great references pics and video of pups from the first litter. 


Jada  X 4xGMPR HRCH MH Cruz

 General Yellow, Medium size, athletic build
Litter produced 9 pups 4 yellow 5 black
Jada is: OFA Good/Normal, CERF Clear

 Rebecca Underwood, Lexington KY


 Having Jada in for this breeding showed us that she has one of the sweetest, calmest dispositions I have seen yet has loads of drive and entusiasm to go out and work.  She was a joy to have around for the breeding and this personality matched with Cruz is a great combination for in-home dogs.

Jada was purchased to be a gun dog in a home loaded with competition German Shepards.  She has demonstrated point in quail hunting and Rebecca is working hard to get some point video on her when the pups get old enough that Jada is able.

More info and a Pedigree will be posted on Jada soon.  She comes from very strong field trial lines and includes 4X GMPR's Chance (FC) and Tiger Mtns Midnight Reign.

Jada injured her leg in an accident when she was younger but is still in really good shape athletically. I was impressed with her overall structure as a medium sized female with frankly some larger overall bone structure than Cruz.

 I am around a lot of dogs though and have come to the conclusion that attitude and disposition are key traits especially for the in-home working dog/pet and Jada gets a 10/10 on these.  My wife and girls wanted to keep her.  

Update - Pups available at 2/18/13 Rebecca has pointing pics of Jada and the pups.